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About Total Aggression

Welcome to Total Aggression Gaming. TAG has been around since 1998, we started as Ministry of Kahless in a game called Starfleet Command. Some of the first games we played together were Diablo, Starfleet Command (Ministry of Kahless), Jedi Knight (MethodiKal), EverQuest (Legends), Ultima Online (MoK), Anarchy Online (Ministry of Kai). We dominated SWG becoming the single largest controller of the economy on Lowca, we blew through the end game content in World of Warcraft and maintained a top 5 presence for years on Lothar.

We went on to become the single largest gaming community in existence and eventually with leadership burnout and changes to the MMO platform we shrank in size to just a few hundred. Today after having experienced being at the top of the MMO Community world, we have settled and become content to just play a couple of games together in small elite groups.

TAG is always recruiting, we are looking for good people to add to our community who have like minded goals. Primarily we want to enjoy the games we play together, create new friendships and run end game content. If you are over 18 and want to be a part of the legend of TAG, we would be honored to have you among us.

Currently the leadership of TAG is working on orginizing the a guild in Pantheon. We have also been playing a TON of FTP/PTW games and bouncing in and out of the old games we have always played. We have been around for 20 years and we fully intend to make our presence known now and in the future.

Thank you for visiting our site, feel free to stop by any time!

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