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re: Our next adventure - Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

We have had discussions over the past few months with several of you about this game. While I know there is some animosity about one of the dev's it looks like this is our next hope of a reliable content filled commitment oriented MMORPG. Everything they have posted thus far leads me to believe that they are not building another kids game for console or FTP/PTW type game.

It's not a secret that I have personally turned my back on most of the games released in the last few years. I miss the old days of our team working hard together on common goals, commitment to guild, friends and to the characters themselves. The alt sickness took over in WoW, raids were dumbed down to the point of being positively ridiculous overgrown dungeons instead of raids. While games like WoW are very popular it's clear that the old timers need something closer to SWG, EQ, UO, AO and other old games that gave you enough to accomplish and required enough team work to make guilds worth while.

We have all talked about the whole "necessity of guilds" issue. With present MMORPG platforms there is almost no need for guilds. There is always a need for friends which we of course have in droves but the lack of necessity for guilds and commitment from teams of people has caused our community to splinter and go in different directions.

It is my deepest hope that Pantheon will be a game that once again brings communities together for more than just killing the same 6 bosses every week. I am going to get into Alpha, those interested to know how it is going may contact me. I will of course be under the restraints of whatever NDA's I have to sign in order to get access.

You all know how to contact me. If you don't just PM me here or on Facebook and I'll get back to you asap.


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