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PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 3:37 am    Post subject: Can't Improve in Fortnite? This Guide is for You!

What's going on everybody, Clay here again and in this post (like title says) is for the people who feel like they're not improving at Fortnite. You're not getting any better that feel like they're putting in the work they're putting in the time but they're not seeing their own gameplay improve. it frustrates them and they want to know what they can do to get better. so in this post we're gonna discuss just that and the things that I think you need to change and the mental approach you need to change as well.

 so go ahead grab your slurps come over here step into my office cuz it's story time baby. alright first things firs,t I do get a lot of message this is not just one person like a decent amount of people say the exact same thing. when they're leaving comments on my posts they say I have something similar to this I have over a thousand games played and not one win and I've been play or I have I've been playing since season two and have no wins or whatever whatever. the case something similar to that meaning what they're saying is I put in the work. I play a lot of games and I'm not getting any better. so here's a couple things I want to say. first thing I want to I want to say about. that is you want to practice smart so just because you're playing a lot of volume doesn't necessarily are gonna get better. you might be getting better at I don't know the bad decisions you're making constantly. but doesn't mean that you're gonna get better. because what I'm saying is if you have a hat if you have bad habits and you keep making bad decisions and every single game to keep doing that over and over and over again, then yeah you might be better at baking those I don't know. better I'm making those bad decisions. I don't know it's just it you're not getting you know advancing you're just repeating the same thing over and over again so you have to approach the game differently you have to actively think what you're doing wrong fix mistakes and improve upon yourself oh I can't build that fast let me keep practicing my building or you know I mean like a lot of people just don't build I see it all the time in people I go against and just people who've been playing for a long time who just barely at barely build there's no excuse specially with playground out that you're not in there grinding it out until you know how to build and you can do these things I have videos on my channel saying you know you're building drills if you need to be able to do all those drills things like that so I think the overall message there is practice efficiently not just in volume alone make some more adjustments change the things that you're doing wrong and so you can advance and you can get you can get better also another important thing that I think people are overlooking especially when it comes to watching their cadiz and things like that or whatever it is I think you have to understand that this the solo has gotten harder and it's not because everyone's gotten better people have gotten better naturally.

Fortnite Battle Royale

the game has evolved the games been out for X amount of time people have been getting better but with 50s out that 50 LTM mode that's always out constantly and then you have the other LT modes that come out noobs want to play those more if you want to feel good about yourself go hop in a soaring 50s and go and go fight some people you'll see like the competition is way easier get on one on one with this dude out in the middle of the field the competition is way easier because all the noobs want to play in those modes so they can see a victory royale on their screen as opposed to just getting stopped whereas before all those guys that wanted to play had to play something so they would play solo squads duos whatever they do more of them in your game and and you can't even under underestimate like how many people are actually playing fifties so much so that the demand out there made epic almost pretty much put it and as a as a permanent mode so just so you know that is out you you do have a harder time souls than it was in the past so keep that in your mind but at the end of the day you still want to get better. so we don't use anything as an excuse but that is that is a factor so there's also two things that are important with trying to get better there's I always say this in my stream all the time there's mechanical skill and then there's game sense you need both of those factors to come together to be a good player to have a lot of to have more consistent success in the game mechanical skill what do I mean by that I mean your ability to fight your ability to push somebody and not take damage your ability to build fight your ability to aim better just to take out your opponent to whatever just your your one-on-one combat skills no that's your raw mechanical talent right there you want to have decent mechanical skills you want to know how to build you want to know how to time things but things like that your game sense what I mean by that you your ability to avoid to consciously avoid pinches and make in a third party people at the right time rotating around the map without running in them you know multiple people or with or if you're if you're low on Matt's being conscious of this and being okay with dipping out and you know three up and on your mats or whatever making good if somebody has a sniper and you I don't know how how you're gonna peek I'm gonna peek it from the same spy you're gonna rotate around and try to get another angle all these different things is it's just game sense just ideas using circles being in the next circle final circles when what decisions to make things like that you so that's just that's game sense you want one both of those worlds combined that's how you become like a good player that's what takes you to like the next level now how do i how do if your question is how do i get that how do i get better mechanical skills how do i have better game sense the thing is you want to take things one step at a time don't try to take on everything at once if you're learning if you want to get beat be a better editor i'm gonna tell you my like i'm a story for me but this is i'll go with this first if you wanted to come like a better editor if you want to become better at i don't know you know pyramiding people things like that you want to focus on that put yourself in environments use it all the time in games and until you got it till it's something that you can do that you're confident and you know you're on par with anybody else is doing it that's what you wanted that's what you want to do you want to get one step at a time don't do every little thing you know I mean don't try to also work on your editing also your pyramids also on working on your game rotations and your circles it's too much just take like one or two things that make sense and really focus on that so this is something you got like if you want to learn how to build whatever. if you're if you're if you're slow with I don't know whatever it is like if they take the take whatever Jill you have from one of my building drills and it's one of those that you have hard time doing just keep doing it till it's not that hard anymore but anyway so here's like I'll just give you an example so back when I was I used to our site for all the time and I was like just amazed that his editing skills and things like that he was the first one that I started noticing like the power of editing and how he would set up kills and and like purpose way to me editing was just I don't know just get out of a box or not like in middle of the fight. it was crazy to see somebody edit somebody and if I and tactfully set them up to edit them like these things were crazy I saw strong it was all I did was try to edit kill people I died so many times trying to trying to do this because I set myself up so I tried to set them up without shooting over and things like that it took a while but I kept drilling it kept doing it kept drilling it and then I Eddie got way better and now I was able to successfully edit kill people set them up for plays things like that so I just kept at it and once I got that obviously you just kept yeah better at it because now you kind of have it you can now I can move on to something else that I want to practice but I'm still doing these things so I'm actually still getting better at it but it's not it doesn't require all that attention like it used to and now. I have it it's gonna get better because I do it but I'm awesome working on new things now so that's that's kind of what I mean by that so just to sum it all up if you want to improve. I think you take things one step at a time understand that volume alone isn't going to cut it you want to make smart you want to practice a fish it and practice smart and remember there's two aspects of the game you want your mechanical skill and you want your game sense there it is guys hope you enjoyed it hope that made sense I really want people to improve if that's what my channel is pretty much all about but yeah feel free to come in my stream I stream on YouTube stream on Twitch I do a little dual dual stream with restream and yeah if you liked the video go ahead and hit that thumbs up and let me know what you think in the comment section and if you're not subscribed already go ahead and hit subscribe because I come out with these kind of videos all the time and I'll hope to see you guys in the future maybe in my stream maybe in the comments just maybe you know as a subscriber anyway guys thank you guys I'll catch you in the next one.

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